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Getting Started

Marketplace Ministries Opportunities

Marketplace Ministry Opportunities

"I have but one candle of Life to Burn,

I would rather burn it in a Land filled with darkness

than a Land flooded with Light"  

- John Keith Falconer


A Photographer in Stockholm.

A Linguistics Professor in Instanbul.

An Interior Designer in Singapore.

A small business coach in Quito.

A nurse practitioner in Bangalore.

A restaurant owner in Amman.

   A regional security analyst in Dakar. 


Every day, new jobs open around the world. Whether you find one, create one

 or transfer into one, we’re here to help you make the most of the opportunities you have been given

you to serve Jesus internationally through your vocation.


Just getting started?

These international job resources are a great place to start:

 If you’ve already secured a job,        

             please click on Apply.


“In some circles, the best way to be a missionary is not to be a 'missionary.' The most effective impact is by entering the culture as one of the gang – someone facing similar work and life situations as their peers. That’s where having a normal job comes in.”
– Larry McCrary, Skybridge Community

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